June 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Mary White called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM o 6/15/2016.

Linda Ramsey had nothing new to report.  Financials were previously emailed.

Carol Statter mentioned the book collection and that the state had collected over 5700 books.  Will be collection books until August 15th.  She mentioned the SHRM scholarship endowment.  Darcy Bross was the most recent scholarship recipient. 

Treena Finney reported that once schools starts back we plan on having a student spotlight in our chapter newsletter.

Shelley Mathis reported that the Foundation campaign is slow going.  We have approximately $140.  She reminded board members of their required minimum donation of $25.  Several board members submitted their contributions.  There was a suggestion to show a thermometer showing how achievement to goal.  Last year's goal was $3000.  We've set a goal for 2016 of $3,300.  ESS has donated a Coach purse that will be used over the next few months as a raffle. 

Suzie (Conference Chair)  - The restistration packets are done.  Registration is availalbe now online.  Sponsor forms are ready.  Pilot and Clark Personnel have donated bags.  Katie and Cindy are working on the publicity campaign for the conference.  Suzie will be doing a walk through of the venue in July.  Carol will go with her.   All speakers have been confirmed.  We are awaiting HRCI and SHRM recert credit.  Mary Benjamin has resigned her role as co-chair due to personal reasons. Therefore, we will need a co-chair replacement.  Mary White recommended Lary lee Kilday as co-chair or Foundation assistant.  We are also in need of a sponsor event coordinator to make sure they have what they need.  Courtney Washington will be the speaker coordinator.  Mary suggested that she not have to pay becuase of her volunteer efforts.  Registration tables will be set up the night before (Edna Lugo).  We have decided on a twitter handle of #gchr16.  A save the date card will be mailed.  The conference committee will meet in July.  We will advertise to surrounding area chapters (Pensacola, Gulfport, etc.).

Karla Rodgers requested that everyone take the diversity survey.  She has had about 28 responses.   Requested other community diversity suggestions.  Possibly do something with the Mobile Chamber, Yound Professioals night?  This will be for 2017.

Jeanine Wilson - Mentioned cleaning out storage unit.

Kay Wilson - Legislative updates in each newletter to drive traffic to MSHRM website.

Marjorie Icenogle - Student chapter received the Superior Merit Award.  Mentioned that our membership is low; approx 116 people.  We need to promote National membership as well.

Mary Caron Downing - looking into shirts with the new chapter logo on them.

The board decided that quarterly meetings are not enough.  We will move to every other month.  The next Board meeting will be in August.