August 2016

MINUTES FOR: August 24, 2016

P: Present A: Absent with notification X: Absent without notification
P Mary White- President P Cindy Giddens– Publicity Coordinator P Susie Jones-Conference Chair/Sponsorship Coordinator
A Jeanine Wilson – President Elect P Lisa Nelson - Certification P Treena Finney – College Affairs
P Marjorie Icenogle-Membership A Nichelle Evans – Workforce Readiness P Shelli Mathis-SHRM Foundation
A Linda Ramsey – Treasurer P Kay Watson – Legislative Affairs A Adrienne Freeman – Conference Co-Chair
A Mary Caron Downing-Secretary P Karla Rodgers- Diversity A Emily Miller – A/V Coordinator
A Carol Statter – Past President A Katie Miller-Social Media Coordinator

Action Items Who: Completed By:
1. Book speakers through 3/2017 Jeanine Wilson
2. Diversity survey results for newsletter Karla Rodgers
3. Student spotlight and intern opportunities in newsletter Treena Finney
4 Send roles of conference committee members to BOD and digital conference flyer to membership after e-mails checked Susie Jones
5. Send silent auction contact list to BOD members Shelly Mathis
6. Get pricing on vests for conference Susie Jones
7. Get flash drives for conference Marjorie Icenogle

Discussion Item Main Decision(s) Made
1. President - Mary White • Read Jeanine Wilson’s update
• Discussed slating new officers and directors
• Discussed dues. Have not increased in years. Maybe go to $60 from $40. Before Jan 1st, renew at $50, then $60 afterwards.
• Discussed changing bi-laws to mirror SHRM definition of Assoc Vs Professional. Check bi-laws for any other needed updates.
• Discussed a lifetime membership•
2. President Elect – Jeanine Wilson • December meeting booked, need more info to get approval from HRCI
• Need speakers recommended for 2017
• 2 business credits approved for the conference already
3. Membership – Marjorie Icenogle
• (4) new members
4. Core Leadership Areas -
Diversity – Karla Rodgers

• Sending diversity survey results for newsletter
• Discussed a diversity conference next year on unconscious bias for business credit at University of South Alabama

Certification – Lisa Nelson
• September meeting approved
• Discussed progress on approvals for the conference

Workforce Readiness - Nichelle Evans

• Not present

College Relations – Treena Finney

• Student spotlight for the newsletter
• Student interns available in the newsletter
• Fall conference 10/15/16. Funding needed.
• Need liaison to connect students to professionals

Linda Ramsey
• Not present
Kay Watsonn

• Discussed difficulty in using SHRM articles for chapter level communications. SHRM has been contacted on how long it takes to get approval to use their materials for future reference.
• Hill visit on 9/14/16
7. A/V – Emily Miller • Not present
8. Publicity – Cindy Giddens • No update
• Taking minutes for the secretary
9. Conference Chair Susie Jones • Discussed post cards for conference save-the-date
• Discussed roles of committee members
• Still need several sponsors for conference
• Discussed getting vests, etc. to identify conference workers
• Next conference committee meeting 9/13/16 @ Pour Baby 6:00pm
• Discussed flash drive instead of a binder for conference. Maybe app for next year.
• Discussed venue for conference and after-hours function
10. SHRM Foundation – Shelli Mathis • Need silent auction items
• Discussed BOD asking for donations and/or referring donors
• Silent auction list going on GoogleDocs

Next Scheduled Meeting: TBD, AGC, 754 Downtowner Loop W, Mobile, AL 36609