September 2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Called to Order on 9/2/2015 at 8:05 AM.




Absent w/ Notification

Absent w/o Notification

Board Members/Directors





Carol Statter




Lana Mosley




Marjorie Icenogle




Mary Caron Downing




Linda Ramsey




Treena Finney

College Relations



Jackie Creagh




Tom Woodford

Gov't Affairs




Kay Watson

Past President




Shelly Mathis

SHRM Foundation



Shelly Stephens

Workforce Readiness






Terri Pringle

Audio Visual



Kasie Irby

Conference Chair




Marcia Washam

Conf. Co-Chair



Jane Bahr

Door Prize Coordinator




Mary White

Public Relations




Lora Michaels

Web Master/Newsletter




Jeanine Wilson

Task Force









Order of Business:

Carol Statter: Discussed Board positions for 2016.  Reminded everyone that there is a 2 year commitment for board positions.  Tom will be rotating off the Governmental Affairs position. 

Dr. Shear will be the presenter at September’s meeting.  The meeting is HRCI and SHRM certified.  We have Lorina Day lined up for October.  She will discuss the “Silver Tsumani” dealing with the current aging workforce.  Working to get that meeting certified.

Carol suggested reminding our members of the no solicitation policy at meeting.  We want our  members to be able to come network and learn without being solicited for business.

GoToMeetings has been pushed of.  She is not ready to implement that for Board or Monthly meetings due to the fact that we want to increase participation and engagement for both the board and overall membership and she feels that implementing gotomeetings will hinder that engagement/participation.

Carol is waiting on two more speaker forms and then she can submit it as conference business credits  to SHRM.  Jeanine brought up trying to expand what kinds of credits the meetings could be certified for.  We were unsure of what other certification credits would qualify.

We still have 300 large should bags left over from the Alabama conference.  Carol is going to see if we can get some personal toiletry items donated (by Wal Mart) and we can give the bags to the Salvation Army as a service project.

Lana Mosley:  No Report


Marjorie Icenogle:

New Members:           Sonya Clark – USA – Professional Membership

                                    Cynthia Turner – Mobile Health Dept- HR Coordinator- 9 years exempt experience – Professional Membership

                                    Kristy King- CTS – HR Generalist – Professional Membership

                                    Ingrid Washington – HR Recruiter – Alorica- 4 years exp – Professional Membership

                                    Courtney Tigner – HR & Recruiting Mngr – Rural Sourcing – 3 years exp. – Professional Membership

                                    Jeanne Harris – Trianing Officer – Mobile Personnel Board – Professional Membership

All members were approved by the board.

Marjorie needs volunteers for the HR Games (time keeper, score keeper, etc.).  It will be November 14th.  Marjorie is going to ask for volunteers at the meeting too.  They also need sponsorships.  She asked if MSHRM would consider being a sponsor.  She has an allocated budget of $500 and has not used any of that this year so we will most likely put that towards the sponsorship.


Mary Caron Downing:  Asked about the progress on setting up merchant services for member lunches and conferences.  Linda would report on it.  Suggested we cut off registration time to the Tuesday before the meeting at 5 PM.  Board ok with this.

Linda Ramsey: The bank that does our credit card processing on our website also offers credit card processing via square.  There is a 48 hour posting time which the board was fine with.  We do not have the fee structure yet, she’s waiting on Randy for that information.  As long as the fees are reasonable, the board is fine with starting the merchant services with this company.

Two venders have paid so far for the November conference.  The early bird cut off is the end of September.  Linda will use previous years’ invoices.

Treena Finney: No Re

Jackie Creagh: National Disability Awareness month is October.  The Governors Council will have an annual lunch at Heron Lakes on Oct 30th.  We usually give a $500 sponsorship for this and we will do it again this year.  We will receive 4 tickets to the event. 

Tom Woodford: No Report

Kay Watson: No Report

Shelly Mathis: We will hold off another month on collecting money at the monthly luncheon.  Silent auction will be a big fund raiser.

Shelly Stephens: No Report

Terri Pringle: Asked about audio set up at our new location at the Marriot.  Carol said they are equipped just like Heron Lakes.

Kasie Irby: No Report

Marcia Washam: No Report

Jane Bahr: No Report

Mary White: No Report

Lora Michaels: No Report

Jeanine Wilson: September meeting is HRCI and SHRM certified.  Jeanine reminded the board that current PHR and SPHR certified individuals will need to complete the tutorial by the end of the year to get SHRM certification credit. 


The next meeting will be 9/30/15 at 8 am at AGC.  754 Downtowner Loop W Mobile, AL 36609