October 2015 Board Minutes

Meeting Called to Order on 10/2/2015 at 8:00 AM

Order of Business:

Carol Statter:  Reminder that there are a couple board positions coming available.  Also, the current President elect has not fulfilled her obligation this year so she will be asked to step down.  The Board approved this motion.  The current open positions are President, VP of Membership, Diversity Chair, Governmental Affairs, Certification and Audio/Visual.

Lana Mosley:  No Report/Absent

Marjorie Icenogle:      New members include Jessica White (professional), Tiffany Martin (associate), Nichelle Evans Pugh (associate), Jenna Summersell (associate).   All  were approved by the board in the indicated capacity.

Mary Caron Downing:  No Report

Linda Ramsey:            The silent auction donations have been turned in.  The merchant services account is almost complete.  Estimate to have it ready by the conference.

Treena Finney:           No Report

Jackie Creagh:             No Report

Tom Woodford:         No Report

Kay Watson:               No Report

Shelly Mathis:             No Report

Shelly Stephens:         No Report

Terri Pringle:               No Report/Absent

Kasie Irby:                   No Report/Absent

Marcia Washam:        No Report/Absent

Jane Bahr:                   No Report/Absent

Mary White:               Mentioned that the lunch at the new venue is supposed to have two entrees.  There was only 1 last meeting.

Lora Michaels:            No Report/Absent

Jeanine Wilson:          No Report/Absent