May 2015 Board Meeting Minutes


Meeting Called to Order on 4/29/15 at 8:10 AM.




Absent w/ Notification

Absent w/o Notification

Board Members/Directors





Carol Statter





Lana Mosley





Marjorie Icenogle





Mary Caron Downing





Linda Ramsey





Treena Finney

College Relations




Jackie Creagh





Tom Woodford

Gov't Affairs




Kay Watson

Past President




Shelly Mathis

SHRM Foundation




Shelly Stephens

Workforce Readiness









Terri Pringle

Audio Visual




Kasie Irby

Conference Chair




Marcia Washam

Conf. Co-Chair




Jane Bahr

Door Prize Coordinator




Mary White

Public Relations




Lora Michaels

Web Master/Newsletter




Jeanine Wilson

Task Force





Order of Business:

Carol Statter: Needs pictures of board members.  She can take a headshot today or we can send to her.  We can update the current pic on the website too.  Gave overview of meeting last month with Randy and all the helpful info that was shared.  Membership applications are now accessible without creating account.  She found several members who had been set up with an override error that put them in a constant “current” status so they were not getting membership renewal notices.  Carol and Linda are working on it to get it cleared up and to notify members of dues owed.  Jeanine has agreed to take over the HRCI process until the ned of the year.  Mary’s presentation at the May meeting has been approved for HRCI business or strategic credits.  She hoping that increases attendance.  Carol would like to meet with Jeanine and discuss the Task Force and determine the next steps.  Shelley Stephens and Carol are attending the SARPC Job Expo to network with vendors and share info about Mobile SHRM.  Lana was asked to sign a contract with Heron lakes for the next 6 months.  Carol has received a quote from the Marriott for comparison.  There was agreement among the Board that the quality of the food and service at Heron Lakes and declined

Lana Mosley:  Lana has secured Semoon Change for the June Meeting.  She’s trying to get Mobile’s Mayor for the July meeting. Tom Woodford will be giving our August meeting on legal updates.  We are looking to get someone from the Dept. of Homeland Security for Sept.  We do not have a speaker for Oct. yet.  Dr. Walthrop was suggested as a future speaker.  She also needs sponsorships badly.

 Marjorie Icenogle:

Dr. Icenogle suggested the new employee at South in charge of developing the relationship between the student body and our business community.  The Board approved the new membership application for Deborah Hunter as a professional member.

Mary Caron Downing: Reminded Board to make sure to RSVP to me for meetings.

Linda Ramsey: No Report

Treena Finney: No Report

Jackie Creagh: No Report

Tom Woodford: No Report

Kay Watson: No Report

Shelly Mathis: Reminded the Board of their obligation to submit their SHRM Board $25 donation.  We collected approximately $44 on the football campaign.  We will be raffling off a Mother’s Day basket at the May meeting.

Shelly Stephens: Reported on our partnership with the Salvation Army and their workforce development program.  They are in need of assistance with resume writing and interviewing skill development.

Terri Pringle: No Report

Kasie Irby: No Report

Marcia Washam: No Report

Lora Michael: Reminded the board to send newsletter submissions by May 15th.  She also let the board know of a Women’s Business Coalition meeting in October which could be an outlet to advertise our November conference.  She is still having a problem putting pictures on the website.

Jane Bahr: No Report

Mary White: No Report

Jeanine Wilson: No Report


The next Board Meeting will be on June 3rd at 8:00 AM, AGC, 754 Downtowner Loop W Mobile, AL 36609