June 2015 Board Minutes

Meeting Called to Order on 6/3/2015 at 8:10.




Absent w/ Notification

Absent w/o Notification

Board Members/Directors





Carol Statter




Lana Mosley



Marjorie Icenogle




Mary Caron Downing




Linda Ramsey





Treena Finney

College Relations



Jackie Creagh





Tom Woodford

Gov't Affairs




Kay Watson

Past President




Shelly Mathis

SHRM Foundation



Shelly Stephens

Workforce Readiness




 Not Required to attend


Terri Pringle

Audio Visual




Kasie Irby

Conference Chair



Marcia Washam

Conf. Co-Chair



Jane Bahr

Door Prize Coordinator




Mary White

Public Relations




Lora Michaels

Web Master/Newsletter



Jeanine Wilson

Task Force









Order of Business:

Carol Statter:  Meeting location will be moving to the Marriott.  Possibly September. Carol is meeting with the catering manager.  Carol will let members know of the location change at the June chapter meeting.  The HR mini-conference will be August 14th at The University of South Alabama’s student center.  Registration is 7:30 to 8.  The first session will be from 8-11, lunch, and then the afternoon session.  We estimate there will be 60 attendees.

Lana Mosley:   Absent

Marjorie Icenogle:

New Members (Professional): Traveis Cunningham, Recruiter, Pilot Catastrophe, National SHRM Member

                                             Oneal Jordan, HR Mngr, Carlisle Medical

                                             Judy Lee, HR Director, Navigator CU, National SHRM member

                                             Sherry Blow, Office Manager, Mobile Shipbuilding & Repair

                                            Stephen Waite, Manager Mobile Shipbuilding & Repair

                                             Trish Houston, HR Director, Crown Products

                         Associate:    Kathryn Wills, Director of Client Relations, PangeaTwo

                                             Jessica Lewis, HR Assistant, Crown Products


                      Student chapter update:         The student chapter of SHRM held new officer elections in May.  They organized a school supply drive for Wilmer Hall and collected enough supplies to keep the home stocked for a year.

Mary Caron Downing:              Nothing to report

Linda Ramsey:                         Chapter financial were distributed

Treena Finney:                        Absent

Jackie Creagh:                         Absent

Tom Woodford:                       Absent

Kay Watson:                            Nothing to report

Shelly Mathis:                         The Football Foundation fund raiser has raised $46 so far.  The Mother’s Day raffle raised $94.  There will be a Fathers’ Day raffle at the June meeting.  Kasie, Jeanine, Lora, Kay and Carol all paid their $25 Board SHRM Foundation donations.  Mary Caron paid hers at the April lunch meeting.

Shelly Stephens:                      Absent

Terri Pringle:                           Absent

Kasie Irby:                               Kasie is planning another Conference planning meeting for June the 17th at Spot of Tea.  The $500 deposit is due by July 7th.  Speakers will be Mary White.  Looking to book Jack Smalley, Dorothy Napp and someone to discuss current immigration laws.   

Marcia Washam:                     Absent

Jane Bahr:                               Absent

Mary White:                            Emailed publicity to move forward with LinkedIn Mobile SHRM group

Lora Michaels:                        Needs newsletter info by June 12th

Jeanine Wilson:           Suggested using GoToMeeting for our Board Meetings to increase participation.  A motion was made but no second.  We are going to table this idea until more details can be gathered on cost and estimated use.  The concerns were: we would lose the value that comes with a face to face meeting.  If we do decide to use this service we would need to hold all board members more accountable for participation.  Jeanine will send email to Carol regarding pricing.  A suggestion was made to replace lunch meeting with a accredited webinar.  We would like to set it up to where the webinar could be accessed at any time by Mobile SHRM members.  Could we set up something to where the conference sessions could be recorded and posted to our site for Mobile SHRM members to access if they weren’t able to attend the live session.  There would be a reasonable charge for this.  We also discussed starting to use Square to accept payment at the door of our lunch meetings.  This would also allow us to accept SHRM foundation donations via debit/credit card.


Meeting dismissed at 9:26.  There will be no July Board Meeting.