Workforce Readiness


Responsible to:             The Members of the Chapter

                                    The Chapter President

                                    State Council Workforce Readiness Director


1. Monitors and evaluates on a continuing basis local activities concerning workforce readiness.

2. Plans and encourages chapter involvement and activities affecting the workforce arena.

3. Serves as advocate and program coordinator for workforce readiness activities.

4. Partner with local schools to share information.

5. Prepare/conduct a program concerning workforce development issues at a regular monthly chapter meeting, to be coordinated with the chapter Program Chair.

6. Identifies and assesses the workforce readiness needs of the Mobile SHRM membership.

7. Works in cooperation with state-level workforce readiness and advocates.

8. Serves as a resource and contact for chapter members on workforce readiness issues.

9. Coordinates and interacts with Workforce Development Committee on workforce readiness issues.

10. Represent the chapter in the Human Resources community.

11. Attend all monthly membership and Board of Directors meetings.


Core Leadership Area Director - Board Member