HRCI Certification


Responsible to:            The Members of the Chapter

                                    The Chapter President

                                    The Board of Directors


1. Responsible for promoting certification of the chapter's members.

2. Inform members of deadlines for application for certification exams and coordinate exam-testing sites.

3. Organize study groups for interested members and identify appropriate study materials to increase the number of members that successfully pass the exam.

4. Provide information and assist members already holding certification on requirements needed for re-certification.

5. Make announcements about benefit of certification and/or provide newsletter copy or web site text on benefits.

6. Prepare/present program at regular monthly meeting promoting certification, at a regular monthly chapter meeting, as coordinated by the vice president of programs.

7. Represent the Chapter in the Human Resources community and make recommendation to board regarding the certification program.

8. Represent the Chapter in the Human Resources community.

9. Attend all monthly membership and Board of Directors meetings


Core Leadership Area Director - Board Member