Governmental Affairs

Responsible to:             The Members of the Chapter

                                    The Chapter President

                                    State Council Governmental Affairs Director


1. Actively monitors legislature and regulatory trends that will affect the memebers of this Society and plays a strong advocacy role in influencing and guiding their formulation.

2. Evaluates pending legislative, regulatory, and legal action at the federal, state and local level, which may have an impact on the management of human resources.

3. Provides a legislative report at monthly meetings; educates members on current legislative activities.

4. Prepare/present at least one program annually at a regular monthly chapter meeting, to be coordinated with the chapter program chair.

5. Works in close cooperation with the State Governmental Affairs Director, Area Governmental Affairs Director or the SHRM Staff.

6. Promote within the chapter increased knowledge and activities for influencing legislation.

7. Coordinate efforts in developing diversity initiatives that can serve as model for other chapter.

8. Represent the Chapter in the Human Resources community.

9. Attend all monthly membership and Board of Directors meetings.


Core Leadership Area Director - Board Member