Monitor and evaluate on a continuing basis local activities concerning diversity issues. Spearhead the effort to diversity the Chapter's membership/leadership and to publicize successful diversity programs in the local community.


Responsible to:             The Members of the Chapter

                                    The Chapter President

                                    State Council Diversity Director


1. Monitor and evaluate local activities concerning diversity issues.

2. Advise Board as needed on when special programs on diversity issues should be addressed.

3. Arrange for at least one special program annually, to be coordinated with the Vice President in-charge of programs.

4. Publicize to chapter members examples of successful diversity efforts being undertaken by chapter members in their particular workplaces.

5. Network with other Diversity Coordinators from other chapters within the state.

6. Coordinate efforts in developing diversity initiatives that can serve as model for other chapters.

7. Represent the Chapter in the Human Resources community.

8. Attend all monthly membership and Board of Directors meetings.


Core Leadership Area Director - Board Member